Turn Your Place into a Smart Home with Automated Window Furnishings

Based on a survey conducted in October 2020, 71% of Americans have shifted to a remote work setup. Most of those who did say that they prefer to continue working this way at the moment and are likely to work the same way even in the future. If you’re one of those workers, you’ll want to create a space that’s both comfortable and conducive for family and work life.

When smart devices became available in the consumer market, practical homeowners quickly started modernizing and automating their homes, especially in light of the new work arrangements due to the pandemic. Most of the popular products are energy-saving appliances, smart lighting and dimmers, virtual AI home assistants, as well as smart plugs. But did you know that you can use smart technology for your window furnishings too?

Window Coverings that Work with Smart Technology

You can integrate programmable motorized window furnishings with virtual AI home assistants. Some even have built-in automation and motorization features in one. Integrating them into your home is easy and hassle-free. You can simply set up scenarios and schedules on your home assistant devices or use voice command if you need to open or close the coverings at unscheduled times of the day.

Smart Technology that’s Worth the Investment

Automating your window coverings is one more step to completing your home automation plans and having one less thing to do manually. In addition to the convenience of automation, you get to enjoy the following benefits, too:

Lower Energy Consumption and Expenses

During your hours of work, you’ll want an airy and bright environment to keep you up and energized as you power through the day. Keeping your windows open is a good way to let air and light come in but it also takes away from your privacy. During the colder months, we keep our windows shut, but still want some natural light to filter through the room to have enough illumination in the space. 

Swap out your regular coverings with our fully integrated window treatments so you can start cutting down on energy costs and start enjoying the convenience of using automated coverings that can be programmed and scheduled to open or close at certain hours of the day. This way, you can enjoy a well-lit and well-ventilated room while being less dependent on artificial lighting, cooling, and heating appliances.

Child Safety

Families with small children prefer to have programmable motorized blinds installed in their homes because it’s automatic and, most importantly, cord-free. It also provides enough shade and privacy in a room.

These blinds are also ideal for children’s rooms and nurseries and can be programmed to open and close based on the children’s nap times and bedtime schedule. Simply program it on the app or on your home assistant, and the rest is taken care of. 

Aesthetic Value

Blinds, shutters, and curtains are the most popular products for technology integration. These installations are meticulously handled, from taking measurements all the way down to installing the final part. The right window treatment can dramatically change the look of a space, so make sure to get the right product and design for your space. 

We’ve Got You Covered

At Total Window, we customize window treatments to match the interior style of your home and help you pick the product that suits your needs. We provide consultation and installation services, as well as provide you with the products to use for your space. 

Complete your home automation project with our fully integrated window treatment products. You can fill out our secure form or call us at 954 921 0109 to book a consultation today.

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