Superior Light Control with Solarweave Roman Shades

Solarweave Roman Shades

While all rooms benefit from natural illumination, excessive sun glare is another matter. Get complete control over the brightness of your living spaces with Solarweave Roman Shades. Made of a unique, UV ray-filtering fabric, this window treatment limits glare and maintains your privacy without obstructing the view.

Our optional upgrades ensure your Solarweave Roman Shades perfectly match the look and feel of your home while enhancing their functionality.

Cassette Headrail/Fascia Valance

Standard roman shades, when drawn up, have a visible roll of fabric at the top. A cassette headrail or fascia valance conceals this roll and the brackets used to affix the shade system to the wall. It results in a smoother, more sophisticated appearance.

Reverse Roll/Standard Roll

With a standard roll, the fabric lies flat close to the window when the roman shade is down.  The reverse roll has the fabric hanging over the top of the roll. Either option has its pros—while the reverse roll is more aesthetically pleasing, the standard roll provides greater light coverage.  

Motorization/Remote Control Shades

Let the light in or block it out at the touch of a button with Motorized Solarweave Roman Shades.  A remote control device or a wall switch allows you to raise and lower up to five different shades or groups of shades simultaneously. Battery-operated and wired options are available.

Solarweave Roman Shades

Cassette Headrail / Fascia Valance
Reverse Roll / Standard Roll
Motorization / Remote Control Shades

White-Glove Customer Service

You can depend on Total Window for expert guidance and end-to-end service.  Our team has trained specialists to ensure a seamless and stress-free shade installation, whether it’s for a simple project or a complex one.

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