Install Interior Solar Shades for Your Home

Living in a sunny state like Florida has its perks, but there might be times when you want to limit the amount of natural light entering your home. If you’re looking for indoor solar shades that will control the amount of sunlight in your living spaces, you can count on Total Window.

We aim to provide you with quality window products at reasonable prices. Our solar shades are specially designed to reduce solar glare and heat gain in your interior spaces, helping you save on cooling costs. 

The fabrics we use for our interior solar shades are engineered to provide protection from harmful UV rays. At the same time, it still allows enough light to filter through and illuminate your home.

Customized Interior Solar Shades for Your Windows

Total Window designs window treatments tailored to your needs. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all design when it comes to solar shades for windows, after all. Each homeowner has different light-blocking requirements for practically each room in the house.

Upon consultation, we’ll focus on two major aspects of your solar shades: fabric and control system.

Fabric. Solar shades are woven in such a way that they balance view-through and light-blocking properties. Fabric openness ranges from 3% to 10%. These allow you to see outside the window while controlling heat and glare. We can walk you through different fabric options during your free consultation.

Control System. Cordless and motorized solar shades enhance safety and offer convenience. They are ideal for homes with children and pets. If you have something else in mind, feel free to discuss it with our experts.

Everything You Need in Quality Solar Shades

Why should you invest in solar shades for your indoor spaces? Aren’t your windows enough to protect you from the sun’s rays and keep your home comfortable?

Windows might afford you some protection, but it often isn’t enough. Additional protection, if anything, will improve your house’s ambiance and aesthetic. Consider the following benefits of installing outside solar shades:

Better privacy

Total Window’ affords some level of daytime privacy similar to sheer draperies, but are more energy-efficient.

Protection for interior furnishings and equipment

Solar shades block the sun’s destructive UV rays, preventing damage to your interior furniture and décor.

The “Openness Factor”

Our sun-shade fabrics are available in three openness levels or factors, which refer to the tightness of the material’s weave. This reflects how much sunlight passes through the fabric. If you prefer the best visibility, go for shades with a high openness factor (11 to 14 percent) but if you’d rather block more sun, shades with lower openness factor (3-5 percent are better).

Want to learn more about how UV shades can improve your home? Schedule a FREE consultation with us today to learn more.

A Full-Service Company by Your Side

Total Window offers more than just quality indoor solar shades for your windows. As a full-service company, we can also install your solar shades for your Florida home. Simply schedule your installation date and time frame right at the point of sale when you buy our shades.

Our technicians will take care of your project. Our team is composed of full-time, in-house employees who are familiar with how our solar shades are designed and built. Their understanding of design features ensures all installations are done properly.

In terms of products and services, quality is always a priority. See for yourself by browsing through our project portfolio.

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