Decorative Drapery: The Secret to Achieving a Simple but Elegant Room Design

We’ve had several instances where a client comes to us and says “we redecorated everything but there’s still something’s missing.”  At this point, they’ve finally figured what the missing piece is but are still unsure about the style that’s right for their interior styling. 

Truth be told, this happens quite frequently. Homeowners get to the final stage of their redecorating process only to realize there’s something else lacking. This is when they come to us at Total Windows to find the solution that they need.

The Shade-y Matter

Here’s the deal: when homeowners re-decorate their homes, they often focus on the things that they normally see or use. Often, they tend to overlook the one thing that can actually make or break the look of the room: drapery style. 

Decorative drapes are just as important as the rest of the elements that complete the look of a design theme. It is actually what pulls the entire look together. But even a nicely made piece of drapery doesn’t automatically make it the right one for your space. This leads us to the next situation.

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The Secret Combination for the Perfect Drapes

Picking the right drapes can be a bit tricky. To avoid making an expensive mistake, especially when you’re unsure about the style that fits your interior design theme, our consultants can help you navigate your options and find the one that works best for your space. To help you pick the ultimate decorative drapery to match your space, we’ll need to factor in the following details.

First is the drape design. There are three basic things to consider when picking the drape design: 

  • Fabric texture refers to the appearance of the fabric’s surface. It’s how the fabric looks and how it feels to the touch. 
  • Drapery style is the way a panel of fabric is gathered at the top portion of it. These styles are called fold, grommet, pleat, and wave.
  • Fabric length, which comes with standard and customized lengths. Standard lengths are 84 inches (7ft), 96 inches (8ft), and 108 inches (9ft). If these lengths are too short for your ceiling height, you’ll need made-to-measure panels to ensure proper vertical coverage. And for a seamless look, let your full-length drapes touch the floor to exude a 5-star hotel room vibe.

 Next is the window design. There are two basic things to consider when picking out window furnishing:

  • Window measurements from top to bottom and side to side. Measurements must be taken accurately, to determine the correct length and number of panels needed for full coverage or the amount of fabric needed for customized measurements. 
  • The depth and height of lintels and protruding window sills must be considered before installing a suspension device. With the right measurements, you’ll be able to pick out an installation that should fit the space. For example, window sills that protrude from the wall can create a bump on the fabric if the drapes are suspended using tracks will leave the fabric flush to the wall. Lintels on the other hand can affect the length of the drape panel and may require a customized length.

Drape design and the window design go hand in hand when picking out the right drapes for your space. But if you want a professional to help you pick out and choose the correct pieces and install them, then turn to us.

At Total Window, we understand how these little things can make a huge difference. We work closely with you to give you the results that you want, and we take care of everything for you from product selection all the way to the installation. Call us at 954 921 0109 or fill out our secure form here, so we can help you achieve your decorating goals and create a space that looks well put together and sophisticated.

We’re here to help!

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