Custom Roman Shades that Combine Function and Form

Roman Shades are the epitome of the modern window treatment. Unlike classic draperies that are parted to the side, Roman shades are raised to be opened, creating a lovely, even stack of folds. When closed, the fabrics cascade smoothly, covering the window and diffusing the light.

Diverse Styles. We have fabric Roman shades that lend an air of elegance and warmth to your room to natural elements that give it a rustic feel. These styles of Roman shades can be custom-made for you:


Fabric Roman Shades

A simple yet sophisticated style that makes a neat, accordion-like stack when raised.

Solarweave Roman Shades

Also known as Hobbled Roman, this creates soft, waterfall-like cascade of folds at the bottom of the fabric.

Woven/Natural Fabric Roman Shades (Wood/Grass/Reed/Jute)

A gorgeous, heavily textured shade made of bamboo or reeds.

Hunter Douglas

Offers a vast array of fabrics making it possible to select a shade to match the unique light filtering requirements in every room.

Achieve the Interiors You Envision. Our arsenal includes fabrics of different types (silks, cotton, linen, and more); designs (solid colors or patterns); and colors (neutrals and bright hues). Browse our selection from various brands, including Solarweave, Hartmann & Forbes, Grace Richey Clarke, and Avalon.

Control Natural Light. With Roman shades’ opening configuration on your window, you can easily control the natural light that enters your home. You also have a range of fabric opacity, from sheer to totally opaque, giving you control over interior illumination. By keeping out light and warmth, it also supports energy efficiency and slashes your utility bills.

Let’s Dress Up Your Windows

No matter how complex your dream Roman shades are, we’ll make it happen. We have experts that are trained to design, install, and motorize window treatments. No detail is too small—everything from the fabric length to the cornice and valance will be measured, planned, and executed according to your preferences.

This specialty and attention to detail is what makes Total Window the designer of choice in Florida.

Let’s create custom Roman shades for your windows today. Give us a call or send us an email for a free consultation.

Roman Shades

Fabric Roman
Flat Fold
Hartmann & Forbes
Grace Richey Clarke
Woven Wood

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Total Window has created custom-made Roman blinds, as well as other gorgeous window treatments, for homes across Florida. Take a look at our portfolio to get a glimpse of what we can do for you.

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