Oddly Sized Windows: 3 Furnishing Options to Choose From

Uniquely shaped windows give your home a gorgeous flair that elevates its interior design and improves curb appeal. Arch and turret windows, for instance, are great additions if you want a Victorian-style home.

These types of windows, however, can be a challenge to work with. Because of their unique dimensions, you won’t find a store that keeps a window covering that fits your oddly shaped windows perfectly in stock. You’ll most likely need a custom window treatment to make sure it provides adequate shade and sun protection while emphasizing the window’s unique shape.

Total Window, Inc. shares this list of window furnishing options for odd-shaped windows to give you inspiration on how you can style yours.


Shutters are among the most popular treatments for curved and circular windows since they come in various shapes. Plantation shutters are available ovals, half-circles, ellipses with a charming, sunburst design.

The best thing about shutters is you can have them commissioned to accommodate very large, irregularly shaped windows. They can be customized to fit trapezoids, triangles, hexagons, and other angular shapes common in modern homes.

Plantation shutters are also low maintenance and highly functional. They’re easy to clean and maintain, with a classic design that doesn’t go out of style. You can easily adjust the flaps to allow in more or less light throughout the day.

Cellular Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades are popular for arch windows. You can choose between a simple, vertical one or sunburst design that opens and closes like a hand fan. Cellular shades are also widely used for sunrooms with skylights, specifically motorized ones.

Motorized window treatments open and close with a press of a button, and automation features allow you to program them to a schedule. These window furnishing options are perfect for large, south-facing windows that receive plenty of sunlight. Cellular shades are available in a wide range of materials and colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that complements your interiors.

Apart from being stylish, this type of window treatment is also energy-efficient. The honeycomb design act as insulators that reduce the window’s heat absorption. According to the Department of Energy, cellular shades reduce solar heat absorption by up to 80 percent in the summer.

window drapes


Draperies add elegance and texture to your windows. They’re a great way to frame your window while providing some privacy and shade. For large, arch windows, you can opt for floor-length drapery panels for some dramatic flair.

Sheer drapes are also a good option for irregularly shaped windows. They’re mounted at the cove molding and cover the entire wall, so you won’t have to have them fitted according to the window’s shape. The sheer fabric also delicately diffuses light and adds a soft glow to the room.

Your choice of window treatments depends on your style and priorities, whether it’s energy efficiency, shade, or aesthetics. Consult a window treatment expert to make sure you’re choosing one that meets your preferences.

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