The Most Common Types of Window Treatments

Blinds are the most popular window covering product, accounting for 62% of the installed base, but there are many other design options to consider when establishing the character of this space. Changing your window treatments can significantly impact the look of your home. So whether you opt for custom-made roman shade shutters or blinds, you won’t be disappointed. 

Continue reading to find out everything there is to know about the most common types of window treatments.

What Are Window Treatments?

Depending on the desired aesthetic or practical effect, you can install several coverings around a window to form a “window treatment.”

Treatments for windows can be anything from a simple curtain to a more elaborate covering like shutters, but they all serve to change the appearance of the window. As a result, window coverings come in a wide variety, each with its style and set of advantages. 

Types of Window Treatments

You can quickly lose sight of your home’s practical needs when making it look as lovely as possible. This is crucial to remember when deciding between various forms of window dressing. The primary consideration when selecting window coverings should be the window’s intended purpose in the room. 

We have compiled the most popular types of window coverings worldwide, so keep reading to find out.


You can use shutters for various purposes, including concealment, filtration of light, and defense against the elements, intruders, and damage. In addition, shutters are versatile, and you can use them indoors or outdoors to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home. 

This high-end window covering is sure to increase the market value of any property thanks to its classic good looks, fine craftsmanship, wide range of customization options, and user-friendly design.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are distinguished by their horizontal pleats and one-piece construction. They have the smooth appearance of fabric drapes and the practicality of a shade, folding flat against the window when lowered and neatly collapsing when lifted. 

They insulate a room from the cold and can be made from any fabric, but they also let you control the amount of light that comes in. Roman shades usually use a cord system that allows you to set the canopy at any height you like. 


Draperies, also known as curtains, are used to divide a room visually and can be purchased singly or in pairs, depending on the desired effect. You can find them in various hues, patterns, materials, sizes, and shapes. 

Drapes not only improve your home’s aesthetic appeal but also serve practical purposes like regulating natural light and ensuring your privacy. Drapery panels lend an air of formality to any home when hung vertically from rods.

In terms of window coverings, curtains are among the most popular options. Curtains are a classic window treatment option because they are adaptable to various window styles and are typically made of a lighter fabric than drapes. Curtains are a fantastic option for establishing a private space and regulating the amount of natural light entering a room.

Best Custom-Made Roman Shade for Your Home?

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