Do Your Window Treatments Need an Overhaul? Here Are Signs.

Window treatments are like your trusty handyman. They’re efficient, helpful, and achieve your home improvement goals. But they’re also unobtrusive, so it can be easy not to notice them. 

Window treatments need tender loving care, too. Since they’re simply hanging there, not getting in your way, you often don’t recognize the signs that it’s time to take them to the cleaners—or replace them altogether.

What Are the Signs?

Window treatments have three primary functions: to block the sun’s rays, keep the privacy of the home, and make the house look beautiful. Generally speaking, when your window treatments no longer carry out these functions, they need to be taken down, fixed or replaced. Here are the specific signs you must take them down.

Your window treatment mechanisms don’t work.

Window treatments are made to be pulled up and down or left and right to adjust them as you see fit. When they become difficult to raise, lower, open, or close, it means the motor or mechanism no longer functions well. It’s just a matter of days—or maybe hours—before that thing gets stuck, and your curtains, shutters, or shades will be hanging halfway down the window.

When this happens, you won’t be able to keep the sun’s glare out of the room—or the prying eyes of neighbors out of your home. It’s definitely time to replace your window treatment.

Opt for something easy to control and maintain, one with a mechanism that’s not prone to malfunction. A modern roller shade is a sleek and sophisticated option that lets you maximize your windows. It comes in different fabrics, so it matches well with any interior design you have at home.

Your window treatments are warped or bent.

Wear and tear are typical in window treatments, especially if they’re old and overused. But just because it’s a natural consequence, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the damage. Don’t forget, aesthetics is one of the primary purposes of window treatments. Warped, bent, or broken blinds, no matter how small, draw people’s attention and ruin the overall appearance of a room. They also compromise the function of your shades, shutters, or blinds.

When you see blinds askew or damaged, replace them immediately. Putting off the task will only worsen the blinds’ condition. If the problem could be fixed, not fixing it right away may result in further wear and tear. If you can’t afford to replace the entire window treatment, see if you can replace the damaged blinds only. It will save you time and money while improving the overall look of the room.

Your window treatments are no longer safe.

Window treatments don’t generally pose safety threats, but some designs may not be ideal for certain households, such as those with children and pets. Window treatments with exposed cords, for example, are easy to reach and pull. If your child or pet manages to reach the cord and pulls hard, they could damage the mechanism or cause the entire window treatment to fall. Moreover, the cord could become a safety hazard.

Childproof or pet-proof your window treatments. Cordless shades, blinds, and draperies provide a safer way to beautify your home. Not only do they protect your kids and pets, but they also secure your window treatments.

Window Treatments from Total Window

When looking for beautiful, safe, and easy to operate replacement window treatments, consider Total Window. We manufacture different shades and blinds that come in a wide spectrum of sizes, colors, and materials. Not sure what to choose? Our team can assist you in selecting the best treatments for your place.

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