The Remote Worker’s Guide to Window Treatments

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, many industries have shifted to remote work. For employees who aren’t used to working from home, it can take some getting used to. Setting up a well-designed home office can ease the transition and inspire you to perform better. 

Apart from a computer, desk, and chair, your home workplace will also need other fixtures like quality window treatments. Whether you’re planning to work from home permanently or just for a certain period, you’ll need a functional yet comfortable space to stay alert and productive. 

From traditional blinds to modern roller shades for windows, window coverings can enhance the comfort and efficiency of your workspace. Their light-filtering features and visual appeal make them a must-have in any home office. 

Things to consider when choosing window treatments 


Nobody wants to spend their 9-5 in a drab and gloomy office. Installing stylish window coverings can create a delightful space that instantly boosts your mood and inspires you to perform better. 


The more durable your blinds and shades, the longer you can enjoy them and the bigger your return on investment. Damaged window coverings take time and money to fix. Replacing them every year can also be costly. 


A well-lit workspace allows you to stay attentive and focused on your goals. On the other hand, dimly lit areas can cause headaches and eye strain. 

While office workers may be used to desk lamps and artificial fluorescent, research shows that exposure to natural light results in better workplace concentration and performance. Natural light can also boost your mood, promote a healthy sleep schedule, and provide Vitamin D. The right window treatments will filter enough natural light without making the room too warm or bright. 


Blinds and curtains protect your privacy, especially when you have to work late at night. They also block external sounds and distractions that can interfere with your concentration. 

Popular office window coverings 

Roller shades

Easy to clean and operate, roller shades are simpler to maintain than other window coverings. Their soft and elegant look makes them a great fit for both modern and traditional home office styles. 

Roman shades

Roman shades are made of an entire piece of fabric. They’re great for completely blocking out light and adding privacy to your study. They can also function as insulation during the colder months.

Solar shades

This type of covering is made of special, tightly woven materials designed to block sunlight and UV rays. They keep heat out, while still providing clear views of the outside. 

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are incredibly strong and long-lasting. They feature large slats that promote light control and privacy. They can also lend a timeless, natural beauty to your home workspace. 

A home office you’ll want to work in 

Window treatments have the ability to transform your home office. The right type will ward off distractions and create the perfect work environment. 

As a trusted manufacturer of shades and blinds, we can help you choose a style that will complement your office décor and address your needs. Our products come in a spectrum of colors, sizes, and materials to turn any room into a practical yet beautiful home office.

Total Window will help you find the ideal window treatment for your home workplace. Call us today at 954-921-0109 for more information.

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