7 Facts about Your Solar Shades that Your Need to Know

Every summer, there’s an increase in the use of solar window shades. After all, solar shades block the annoying glare of the sun and lessen heat without obstructing the view. If you are interested in having them installed in your own home or office solar shades and want to learn more before committing to the purchase, this article can help.

Here are seven facts about solar shades.

Two Types: Interior and Exterior

There are two main types of solar shades: interior and exterior. As their names imply, interior solar shades are mounted inside your home while exterior solar shades are mounted outside. They function similarly but exterior shades are specially designed to stand up against outdoor elements.

Helps Reduce Heat Indoors

Solar shades reduce the light and heat coming in through the windows. They do this by blocking the amount of sunlight that streams into a room. Take note, however, that the holes in the woven fabric of solar shades do not make for good insulation against the cold.

SPF for Furniture

The UV rays of the sun can cause textiles to become brittle and break. They can also cause fabrics to fade over time as they break down the chemical bonds in the dyes. Solar shades can protect your furniture from fading by lessening the UV rays coming through your windows. It’s basically SPF for your furniture.

Boosts Energy Efficiency

Solar shades provide energy efficiency by lessening the amount of heat that enters through the windows. This lowers the indoor temperature so you won’t have to keep the air conditioning running for too long. This should significantly lower your energy consumption and drive down your bills.

Various Installation Options

Doors: Yes, solar shades can be installed on doors. We recommend the use of a hold-down bracket at the bottom of the shade so it won’t swing around when the door is opened or closed. This hold-down bracket is often a plastic or metal clip that hooks into the holes on each side of a solar shade’s bottom rail.

Ceilings: Most solar shades can be mounted on the ceiling. Usually, the included installation brackets are considered universal. This means they can be installed in various ways just by using different screw holes in the bracket or rotating the bracket.

Different Shades and Colors

One thing to take note of when picking solar shades is the fabric color. Lighter colors reflect heat better and illuminate a room, but your view of the outside might be a little hazy. A lighter color of solar shades may work best if you want to brighten your space or have small windows.

On the other hand, dark colors are great at lessening glare and blacking out a room. Darker fabrics with a higher openness rate are also a great choice for bigger windows that overlook an area with a breath-taking view but face the sun.

Easy-to-Clean Parts

You’ll be glad to know that solar shades are easy to clean. To lightly dust them, we recommend using the brush attachment on your vacuum hose. For grime and dirt, you can use a mild dish soap diluted in water and a soft cloth. Do not submerge the solar shades in water. This can damage the mechanisms and also void your warranty.

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