How to Clean Indoor Solar Shades

Florida is the “sunniest” state in the USA, with an average of 237 days of sunshine in the year.
That’s why every household needs high-quality solar shades. Keeping your sun-protective layers clean prolongs their shelf-life. 

Proper maintenance of indoor solar shades is a frequent dilemma among owners. Fortunately, almost all types of these window treatments are easy to clean. You need to learn several simple hacks and say goodbye to the accumulated dust, dirt, and other debris. Setting up indoor solar shades for windows is easy, with all necessary items already at home – and here’s how to do it. 

Short Guide on Solar Shades Cleaning

This guideline will show you 3 simple hacks that will make the process harmless and easier. You will see that it`s not rocket science and you will be done in no time. Read this before you roll up your sleeves:

  • Check out how much cleaning your solar shades need.  ‘Rule’ number one — check out the amount of dirt on your solar shades. Typically, window layers in more frequently used rooms will have more dirt and dust accumulated, and require a deeper cleaning as a result of their constant opening as well as street traffic. On the flip side, shades in less frequently used areas need just a regular dusting and wiping of the headrail. 
  • Check the label instructions. Solar shades come with specific label information about fabric material and maintenance instructions. In most cases, this would be enough to determine which hack to use that will successfully clean the window treatments without damaging the material.  Also, you can check out the website of the manufacturer, or opt for a professional service to get instructions.  
  • Create a checklist. Before you dive into action, make a checklist with all the items you will need. It will help you do the job quickly and completely. 

What is the Easiest Way to Clean Solar Blinds

  • Use the vacuum cleaner. The first task is to remove accumulated dust, hairs, and other particles. Vacuum with the hose attachment or with a light brush. Make sure to use medium suction power to prevent damage or crumpling of the fabric. 
  • Use a microfiber cloth and mild soap. The next step includes washing the shades with a soft microfiber towel and a mild soap. Use warm water. Gently rub through the fabric without using much force. Once you are done, leave the blinds down to dry.
  • Use a gentle scrub for deep solar shades cleaning. If your shades need deeper cleaning, you can remove and wash them with a soft brush, mild soap, and water. Cleanse with a hose and again, let them dry off.

As for how often you should clean solar window blinds, manufacturers recommend vacuuming and washing the solar shades at least once a month. However, this largely depends on the frequency of use, sun and dirt exposure, and the owner’s habits for sure. 

Best Indoor Solar Shades for Windows in Florida

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