Window Treatment Varieties

Does your house have a modern interior requiring a fresh, stable solution? This will address several problems for the foreseeable future. The market has ever more innovative resolutions to offer in terms of low maintenance and high thermal isolation. The window treatments Florida providers are an industry in their own right, with a rising revenue forecast of millions of dollars by 2024. This only means that all your friends are choosing a modern design of drapery or shades that eliminates complications.

Attending to the Needs of Your Home

The first step is deciding what your household’s exact needs are. Do you want a certain shade or design? Is your style minimalistic or bohemian? Are you looking to add value to your home or give your loved ones a practical atmosphere to settle in? You should decrease your workload after a long, hard day and have it easy to shut your blinds and enjoy your functional privacy. There’s a simple solution for everything.

Types of Window Treatments Available  

Roman Shades

Roller or cellular shades, sheer curtains, or wood blinds – window treatments are a classic piece of elegance that instantly elevates your family home from plain to tasteful. All of these window treatments Florida residents love may vary in ornaments and tone, going from earthly shades to an eye-catching pattern that will be the conversation piece of your next gathering.


With the correct measurements, blinds can control natural light with a hard-wearing, adaptable style. Some modern options include classic aluminum, Venetians, faux wood, and vinyl blinds, which come in horizontal or vertical. Combined with drapes, they fully dress your windows and help you reach the ambiance you want for your living space.


Available in several different textures and colors, with woven natural fabrics and fibers like flax and jute, shades can be as versatile as coming adjusted to a smart home system. Sheer, Roman, or even bamboo – they are temperature-resistant and noise-reducing. The correct choice of shades for your home can be decorative and cost-efficient as a long-term investment. 


The all-American plantation shutters, beach-peeking cafe shutters, or the endurable composite can make your place as romantic as a film set. Have you always dreamt about your perfect home office and craved your perfect room temperature? With the right window treatments, you can give rest to your air conditioner, save the shading of your furniture, or even keep domestic safety in mind.


Curtains and drapes offer a range of lengths, transparency, and modern updates. Lined drapes, for instance, or full-length curtains, are some contemporary options for fabric home decor. Drapery tends to be combined with other types of window treatments Florida has in its range, though plenty of drape styles are self-sufficient.

Total Window: The Expert on Window Treatments

When choosing window treatments Florida residents need, do not hesitate to consult our experts at Total Window. We’ll help you choose your best type and style. The right measurement and precise installation can go a long way. Contact us today and let the light into your beautiful new interior!

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