Simple Window Treatments

MechoShade is synonymous with innovation, which is what has made them leaders in the industry. Equally, their products are among the most durable and reliable shades on the market. MechoSystems are front-runners and innovators in manual, motorized and automated solar shading and room darkening systems. Moreover, MechoShades are one of the best and simplest solutions available for providing solar protection while, maintaining the view. As well as, enabling the operator to reduce reliance on electricity by better controlling the natural light. Mechoshade’s proprietary clutch system allows the use of one universal clutch for motorized shades of various sizes.

Solar Protection and Room Darkening Shades

MechoShade manual shades are chain driven roller screens. Also, they are part of the most comprehensive manual solar protection and room darkening systems on the market. For instance, our customers love the Classic Mecho/5 roller shade- system. It is the fifth generation of their popular manual shade system. The classic system offers smooth operation due to a patented clutch design while boasting a clean design aesthetic. Notably, the latest design features an overrunning clutch, self-lubricating components, and a larger diameter sprocket. Thus, enabling the system to provide 67% more lift capacity.

Manual Shades

Additionally, Mechoshade has shade lines from motorized to manual. MechoShade’s SlimLine is a compact heavy duty bracket system designed for small shades to decorate in narrow spaces.

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