From Window Treatments to Strict Routines: How to Sleep Better Amidst COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak continues to affect the daily lives of Florida residents. Some people are coping well with the situation, but it’s perfectly normal to feel stress, fear, worry, and anxiety during these trying times. However, this could result in many sleepless nights while you try to adjust to the new normal.

The state government suggests taking a break from any platform that delivers news about the pandemic so that you aren’t continually hearing about it. It also suggests looking after your health, focusing on activities you enjoy, and connecting with people. But when these aren’t enough to appease your pandemic-related anxiety and help you sleep at night, consider the following suggestions.

Make your bedroom more conducive to sleep.

The first thing you can do — and this is something that can keep you occupied during the day — is to create an ideal sleep environment. This means making sure your mattress and beddings are comfortable, and your room is neat and tidy. Also, consider keeping the room cool and dark with the use of blackout window treatments that effectively keep the light out.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

You won’t get the maximum benefits of a sleep-conducive environment if you don’t have a fixed sleeping pattern. The coronavirus outbreak has forced people to give up their regular routines and to stay at home. While this might make you feel like your days are blending together, try your best to establish a new routine and a fixed sleep schedule to cope with the current situation.

Don’t watch the news before bed.

Avoid overexposure to pandemic news. While you have to be aware of the general situation, it might not be healthy if you’re constantly monitoring the TV and social media for coronavirus updates. It might cause you to overthink, panic, or feel more anxious. So as much as possible, avoid watching the news or browsing online before your scheduled bedtime.

Establish a workout routine.

With more free time on your hands because of the stay-at-home order, you’re more prone to excessive media consumption. Get your mind off of the news by establishing a workout routine. It keeps you fit, and makes you feel more ready for bed at the end of the day. Alternatively, you can try yoga and meditation to cope with coronavirus-related stress.

Take a hot shower or a warm bath.

A long, hot shower is an age-old way to calm you down. You can also treat yourself to a warm bath to help you get ready for a good night’s sleep. And while you’re in the bathroom, consider doing some breathing exercises. Mentally wash away your coronavirus-related anxiety with the shower or bathwater.

It’s normal to toss and turn at night while you tune in to the news for the latest coronavirus updates. But don’t let it affect your daily routine and sleeping patterns to the point that your health suffers. Lack of sleep could actually lower your body’s defense against infections and other illnesses.

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