DIY vs. Professional Installation: Which is Best for Electric Roller Blinds?

Technology has found its way into interior design, and many homeowners are giving their living spaces smart features. One of the most popular additions to the smart home is electric roller blinds

The estimated market value for these window treatments in 2024 is 16,218.6 million, and it’s only expected to grow as more people realize how easy they are to use.

But are they just as easy to install? 

Many homeowners consider themselves DIY experts, but installing these types of blinds requires more than a hammer and a can-do attitude. Let’s go over both approaches and see which is right for you.

The Case for DIY Installation

When you’re a homeowner, you quickly develop some handyman skills to fix minor issues around the house. You may even build some flat-pack furniture or other projects. 

In those cases, DIY is the better option because it’s:

  • Cost-effective: Installing your new blinds by yourself can save you money on the labor costs of hiring a professional installer.
  • Flexible: You can start the project when it’s best for you and not adjust to someone else’s schedule.
  • Rewarding: Knowing you made something with your own two hands is extremely satisfying and can motivate you to improve your DIY skills.

However, these blinds are a bit more complicated than regular window treatments. They have a few mechanical components that can get damaged during installation if you’re not being careful.

The Benefits of Professional Installation

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When homeowners install electric blinds in their homes, they usually choose to have them over every window. That’s a lot of blinds to install, and it may take a lot of time. 

As we mentioned, they also have a few mechanical and electrical parts that must be handled with care. If they get damaged, you’ll need to pay extra for repairs or replacements.

The benefits of hiring a professional to install your blinds include:

  • Efficiency: If you need many electric blinds installed, a professional crew can do it in just a few hours. They’re experienced and know how to speed up the process.
  • Installation Tools: Professionals have a full tool kit that has everything from laser levelers to heavy-duty drills. They won’t have to pause the project to find the necessary tool.
  • Mechanical Knowledge: Electrical roller blinds have a motor that moves them up and down. Once installed, technicians know how to avoid damaging the motor and can also check if it’s working properly.
  • Electrical Knowledge: Some electrical blinds can be wired into the house’s electrical main. Professionals know how to do this safely without compromising the electrical system.

Professional services offer 100% satisfaction for the work they do. Also, some electrical blind manufacturers consider the warranty valid only if the installation was done professionally.

Find Experts to Install Your Electric Roller Blinds in Florida!

When installing electrical roller blinds, what you decide to do depends on whether you want the satisfaction of doing something yourself or the security of a professionally done job. 

Total Window is a trusted provider of window treatments in Florida with over 20 years of experience. We offer a wide selection of window dressings and an experienced team to help you install them.

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