Most Common Applications of Vinyl Protective Barriers

Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and dental offices, are the most common spaces that require protective barriers. They often use curtains or partitions for isolation chambers, but free-standing shades are also present to create separate spaces, ensuring privacy and preventing the spread of contaminants.  

Vet offices also fall into this category, where barriers serve as in-room dividers. It’s essential to keep pets with different types of diseases separate because certain viruses can be fatal for younger or older dogs. 


Vinyl barriers are the perfect solution for dividing workstations, providing a sense of privacy in open-plan office layouts. They also help minimize distractions and can be used in meeting and huddle rooms to separate seating areas. This helps to ward off the spread of airborne aerosol transmission of viruses and germs, creating a safe working environment for the staff.

Educational Facilities

Schools and universities can use these barriers to separate desks, providing an additional layer of protection for students and teachers during flu outbreaks. Since vinyl barriers are flame retardant and water resistant, they can be placed in science labs, where a number of students do experiments simultaneously, creating a potentially dangerous environment. 

Retail Spaces 

Stores and supermarkets have high-volume foot traffic and need to utilize vinyl barriers as transparent shields at checkout counters and customer service desks. The vinyl panels create a physical barrier between the cashiers and the customers, protecting everyone from airborne diseases and preventing physical contact. 

Industrial Settings

In manufacturing and industrial settings, vinyl protective barriers separate different work zones and shield workers from high-risk processes and unpredictable materials. Along with industrial-grade air filters and more frequent ventilation, installing physical barriers ensures workers are safeguarded against accidents and spreading virus infections. 

Public Transportation

Vinyl barriers have become a standard feature in public transportation vehicles like buses or trains. They separate the drivers from the passengers and the ticket box, where many commuters stop to check their tickets. 

Other Facilities

Protective barriers can be used in many other facilities that require maintaining high hygiene standards and prioritizing cleanliness, such as:  

  • Restaurants: Vinyl barriers can be placed between dining tables for privacy and safety reasons. They can also be used in the kitchen to separate noisy or messy spaces.
  • Salons and Spas: Vinyl barriers delineate treatment areas or styling stations in beauty and wellness salons to ensure clients receive private care and maximum attention.
  • Gyms and Fitness Centers: Equipment or workout areas can be separated by vinyl barriers to give fitness enthusiasts a sense of personal space and privacy.

Applicability of Vinyl Protective Barriers: Wrapping Up

If you plan to add an extra layer of protection to your workspace, you’re in the right place. Total Window offers heavy-duty vinyl protective barriers that shield employees and customers from airborne diseases and provide a safe, private space for treatment, relaxation, or fine dining. 

Contact us for a consultation to bring your vision to life. 


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