A Beginner’s Guide to Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized window installations have become increasingly popular and for good reason. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, they also offer great convenience by solving light control and privacy issues with just a click of a button.  

If you’re planning to upgrade your home with automated motorized shades or blinds, you probably have a lot of questions. Here’s a quick guide to help you score the best fit for your windows.  

Blinds vs Shades 

Blinds and shades are two of the most common types of window coverings. Although most shoppers use these terms interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between the two. Blinds comprise of several long horizontal or vertical slats made of different types of hard material including wood, bamboo, plastic or metal. On the other hand, shades are made of softer material like fabric, jute, or seagrass. Both options are great for spaces where you want to invite some light in without comprising your safety or privacy.  


Automated blinds and shades come in a wide range of styles. Below are some of the more classic options:

  • Vertical Blinds – As the name suggests, vertical blinds consist of a series of vertical louvres or slats that run up and down. They are ideal for larger and wider doors and windows that are difficult to cover. 
  • Venetian Blinds – Venetian blinds are affordable and versatile. They are also arranged vertically which makes them easier to install and clean than most types. They usually just need a little dusting to look good as new. Venetians are usually made of plastic and aluminum and come in a variety of battery replacement. You have to monitor battery use or at least have ample stock to avoid any downtime.  
  • Hardwired – A more energy and cost-efficient alternative to battery-powered coverings.  Although hardwired installations do require a nearby outlet to function and an electrician for proper installation. But once they’re in place, it requires minimal maintenance to keep them operating.  
  • Solar-Powered – An eco-friendlier option when automating window coverings. The typical setup involves a small solar panel that connects to the motor at the top of the blinds or shade. Sunlight is then converted into an energy source to keep the motor running.  

Improve Home Comfort with Total Window Furnishings

For more than 30 years, Total Window Inc. has been a leader in producing motorized windows that blend innovation, comfort, and aesthetic. Our installation team is dedicated to ensuring every project is accomplished using the highest level of installation expertise and serious attention to the smallest detail. 

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