Motorize Your Windows to Improve Home Comfort

Motorized shades installation is a must-have for today’s smart homes. With our innovative motorized window treatment, you can move your blinds and shades according to schedules you set — night or day, whether you’re at home or off on a vacation.

You can easily integrate motorized shades as part of your home automation system. Include automated window treatments into a collection of settings called scenes, which is a system that integrates multiple technologies to create a more secure and comfortable atmosphere at home.

Must-Have Features for Motorized Blinds

Companies meet the growing demand for electric roller blinds in Florida by releasing a variety of automated blind options in the market. While it’s good to have more choices, finding a model that works best for your home can be tricky. With so many to choose from, how will you know if a model is right one for you?

Consider the following factors first before you buy our automatic roller blinds.

Motor Durability

Check the warranty that comes with the motor. Look for a warranty of at least three years of longer. This ensures the company stands behind the quality of their products. Steer clear of brands that offer a limited warranty that doesn’t cover all parts.

Motor Compatibility

Determine which window treatments are compatible with a particular motor system. Most window treatments can be motorized, but not all work with motorized systems.

Motor Power

Shades can be wired, battery-powered, or solar-powered. Window covering size can determine the type of power you choose. 


If you need help with your selection of motorized window treatments, get in touch with us today.

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We’ll Do the Installation for You

Apart from offering top-quality motorized windows, we also provide window treatment installation services. We pay special attention to installation; we guarantee it won’t be independent contractors doing the detail work on your windows. Since our motorized windows incorporate unique features and designs, familiarity with the system can only be achieved by our in-house team. Browse through our portfolio today to find the perfect windows for your home and have our team install it for you.

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Total Window Inc. offers various types of window treatment designs and fabric styles including solar shades, blackout shades, motorized shades and custom shades. Make an appointment and let us help you install the latest in window treatments!

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